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3 Common Causes Of Heat Loss In The Home

Admin February 9, 2014 9:27 am

Looking out the window this time of year is never a particularly pleasant site – bare trees, rain lashing down, high-speed winds rattling our properties to their very foundations, and this is before the frost, ice and snow have set in! We all love to keep tucked up indoors with the heating keeping us warm and comfortable, but sometimes our homes can never seem quite warm enough.

Our latest article here at Windowfix runs through three of the most common causes of heat loss in your home, and how you can tackle them – with a little help from our expert team of window installers, too.

1. Poorly Insulated Roofing

We all remember from high school science that heat rises, so it follows that without any way of keeping all the heat your radiators and fires and generating that it’ll just escape into the cold winter air rather than keeping you warm. Loft insulation is a vital weapon in combatting home heat loss; the Energy Saving Trust put the potential annual savings for a detached house (going from no insulation to the recommended 270mm) at £250, and even a top up of existing insulation could save around £25 a year. View their advice and information on loft insulation here.

2. Old/Energy Inefficient Windows

If the windows in your property are particularly old, have a low energy efficiency rating or perhaps are still even single glazed, then updating your windows to much newer and more efficient models can have a massive impact on heat loss. In a typical gas heated detached home, the Energy Saving Trust estimate that you can save up to £175 a year by installing A-rated UPVC windows – you can see their data here.
Here at Windowfix, we only install modern A-rated energy efficient double glazed windows to properties, giving you a huge boost in comfort, sound proofing and heat retention as well as giving you dramatic energy bill savings.

3. Bare/Non-Insulated Flooring

Another of the biggest causes of heat loss in your home is, believe it or not, through your flooring. Old wooden flooring or bare concrete flooring (even in areas like utility rooms) can contribute to heat loss; while warm air rises it can easily escape and cold air can easily make its way in without a barrier between the cold floor and your warm home. Invest in carpeting to create an effective layer of floor insulation, and buy draught excluders to prevent cold floor-level air from travelling throughout your home.
If your home is in need of an update to ensure it stays warm, insulated and energy efficient over these coming colder months (and for many winters to come!) then we here at Windowfix can help. We can supply and install a fantastic range of A rated energy efficient UPVC window, with virtually no effective air leakage, which will not only help keep your home insulated, warm and comfortable but also cut down on your heating bills as well.
For more information on any of our products and services, please get in touch with us by calling today on 01455 234253 or by emailing us using our website’s easy-to-use online contact form. 

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